50/50 Lotto

As part of our kennel fundraising campaign, we will be running a 50/50 lotto. Ticket's will be available to purchase right up until the draw on October 24th.

What is a 50/50 lotto?

People will be able to buy tickets to the 50/50 lotto for £1 each. 50p of this will go to the charity, and the other 50p will be given out in prize money.

How much can I win?

We are aiming to sell 3000 tickets over the three-week period, bringing a total prize-pool of up to and possibly exceeding £1500. The overall prize pool will amount to 50% of total tickets sold.

How many winners are there?

We will be drawing three winners. 1st prize will recieve 70% of the prize pool, 2nd prize 20%, and 3rd prize will win the remaining 10%.

How do I enter?

Tickets are now available via our online store. Just click the button below!

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