Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I adopt from Seaside Greyhounds?

The staff and volunteers at Seaside Greyhounds have extensive experience working with the breed. Their passion is second to none and through education, we ensure we place greyhounds in the perfect home. All greyhounds in our care are fully vet checked and up to date with vaccinations, desexed, and microchipped.

How do I start the process of adopting a greyhound?

Simply Get In Touch and we'll go from there. We'll invite you down to the kennels where you will meet Jenny & Kev, the founders of Seaside Greyhounds, and they will walk you through the adoption process. When you choose a greyhound, you will be subject to a home-visit to ensure it is a suitable living environment for your new greyhound and then you will be able to take them home.

Can I foster a greyhound?

While we'd prefer to send off every greyhound to a home permanently, if you have an interest in fostering a greyhound for a 6-week period and give them the home experience they need, then please Get In Touch

What are the adoption fees and what is included?

The adoption fee for all of our greyhounds is a one-off £150 which includes a dog that is vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, and wormed. A collar, lead, muzzle, and ID tag will also be provided.

Do greyhounds make good pets?

Greyhounds are gentle, well-socialised, low maintenance pets. They make wonderful pets for all these reasons and more!

Are greyhounds highly strung?

No. They are naturally calm and love nothing more than to chill out.

How are greyhounds with children?

Greyhounds are excellent with children. Because of their gentleness, greyhounds are a better breed than most for families and having been well socialised throughout their racing careers, they are usually very people-oriented.

How much excersize do greyhounds need?

Contrary to popular belief, they're relatively lazy animals. They don't get the nickname '40mph couch potatoes' for nothing. Two twenty minute walks a day is usually more than enough for a pet greyhound.

Why do greyhounds need to be muzzled?

Truth be told, they don't. It is recommended though that you keep your greyhound muzzled when out and about, at least until you are confident about their behaviour around other breeds. Greyhounds are used to their muzzles though so it causes them no distress.

Will my greyhound be toilet trained?

Unfortunately, your greyhound will not be formally toilet trained, but they are quick to learn. There are plenty of recourses out there on how to toilet train your dog and we are currently working on our own greyhound specific plan.

Are greyhounds good with other breeds?

We try to assess the greyhounds in our care while they're here for their compatibility with small dogs and other breeds. If you already have another dog though, the best course of action though is to arrange with out staff to bring your beloved pet with you on your visit to Seaside Kennels and see it for yourself.

Can greyhounds live with cats and other small animals?

Greyhounds are sighthounds and it's in their instinct to chase. That's not to say they can't be compatible with cats or other small animals. Much like with other dog breeds, the best course of action is to speak to a staff member at Seaside Greyhounds. We've homed to several people with cats, chickens, rabbits etc.

Can I let my greyhound off their lead?

Like all dogs, you shouldn't be letting them off their lead until they're are recall trained. Greyhounds can be trained to have good recall but their instinct can be very strong and even the most loyal hound may give to chase a rabbit in the bat of an eye. We would always recommend letting them off their lead in a safe and secure environment.

Does a male or female greyhound make a better pet?

The difference between male and female greyhounds tends to be less pronounced than in many other breeds. All greyhounds are individuals with different personalities, so the best thing to do is simply to visit us and meet the hounds!

How much should I feed my greyhound?

When adopting a greyhound from us, we will discuss with you their individual eating habits and diets.

Do greyhounds make good watch dogs?

Although they will watch everything, greyhounds are not generall protective over property and will probably make friends with an intruder.

Do greyhounds require a lot of grooming?

As relatively clean animals, greyhounds are almost cat-like in their grooming behaviour. As they don't have an undercoat, they are less like to trigger any allergies, shed very little, and carry little to no odour.

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