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Sinead is a slim/petite girl with the sweetest face and 4 lovely white socks.

She is lovely to walk, being calm and placid, doesn't pull and seems to take everything in her stride.

She seems to have 2 personalities, One when she's with another dog and a 2nd when she's on her own

Firstly, she is a confident little girl and loves to play with other greyhounds in the paddock. She can be a bossy little Madam, teasing her playmates to chase her, then tell them off when they respond. Although it gets vocal, there has never been any aggression from either of them. 

Secondly, when she's on her own, she's much more subdued and is a very gentle loving girl, who just craves being loved.

Sinead can jump up, but obviously, if given time and training this can be controlled.

D.O.B: 5th November 2019

Colour: Black with White patches

Racing Name:  Honour Sinead

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