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Picture of a brindle greyhound at the seaside
Seaside Greyhounds Logo

About Seaside Greyhounds

Seaside Greyhounds is an independent homing centre for the UKs retired racing greyhounds. Launched in 2020, we are dedicated to playing our part in ensuring that 100% of retired greyhounds find that loving forever home and comfortable sofa to sleep on.


Jenny & Kev, the founders of Seaside Greyhounds, were introduced to greyhounds in January of 2016 and have been involved in the homing of retired greyhounds since January of 2019. Following a move to the coast, they opened up a branch of the Greyhound Trust, giving up their careers in the process, and have since homed over 110 greyhounds throughout the UK, building a close-knit community to boot.

Life would be more difficult though without the help of the dedicated volunteers that have been supporting us throughout, and the generous donators across the country who want nothing but the best for these dogs.

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