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How Do I Adopt A Greyhound?

First and foremost, become an educated and prepared adopter. Think, am I in the position to be taking on the responsibility of a new family member? There's nothing more disheartening than a retired racer being returned to the homing centre because his or her adopters were unprepared for life with a new pet.

We have plenty of resources available for potential adopters at the kennels, and these will soon be available online.

1) Fill in our contact form.

To start our adoption process, please fill out the contact form HERE. This will give us basic information about your situation and whether you would be a suitable match for any of the greyhounds we have available for adoption. Following this, either Kev or Jenny will be in touch in regards to your contact and arrange a time for you to come & meet the greyhounds we have available.

Want to speed up the process? E-mail us a virtual home check to We need to see how secure your garden is (if you have one) and how safe your household is.

2) Select your greyhound.

Once at the kennels, you will get to meet all the greyhounds we have available for adoption. The staff and/or volunteers here at Seaside Greyhounds will tell you all about each one's personalities, needs, and suitability to your situation. Once you've chosen your greyhound, you will then need to pay a £50 non-refundable deposit to reserve them for adoption. We also ask for any fuel costs if there is significant travelling involved for the next step.

3) Time for a home trial.

It's always best to take your greyhound on a home trial and it's become a major part of our adoption process through the last year. While it will likely take longer for your greyhound to settle than just a few days, a home trial can give you an inclination of whether the greyhound is suitable for your home.

4) Your final decision.

It's time to decide once and for all if this is the right decision for you and your potential new pet. You will already be in regular contact with us through the home trial but it's time to let us know whether you'd like to complete the adoption process or not. If you do, then a remaining £125 suggested donation is to be paid.

5) Get ready for 'Gotcha Day'

It's time to get the remainder of the things your greyhound will need to live in the home. While we provide a leather lead and muzzle as part of the adoption process, there are still some other items you will need:


  • Identification Tags (It is law to keep your greyhound collared with and ID tag at all times)

  • Food & Water bowls

  • A harness, if you have a greyhound that is particularly strong on the lead

  • Large Dog Bed

  • Toys

  • Treats

  • Food

  • Coat for Cold Weather

Most of these items we have available for purchase at the kennels so make sure you ask!

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