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@Andy.thegreyt - Greyhounds and Young Couples

Could you start by telling me a bit about yourself and your greyhound? My name is Breanne! I go by Bre. I am a veterinary nurse from Indiana, US. My Greyhounds name is Andy. I’ve only had him for about a month, but he’s the sweetest, goofiest, most well-behaved boy.

Andy & His Family

How did it come about that you wanted a greyhound? I’ve studied the breed throughout college and, in my career as a vet nurse, I’ve come across many Greyhounds that were fantastic dogs! I have a lot of clients at the clinic I work at that really like the breed. And what made Andy stand out before you adopted him? Can you tell us about his nature? It didn’t take much convincing from the homing centre to get me to take Andy. This was the first hound they sent me a photo of and I fell in love right away. He is very gentle and considerate. He’s very calm but occasionally gets what we call “the zoomies”. It doesn’t last long, and then he’s back sound asleep in his doggy bed. He’s a strange guy as he sleeps with his eyes open occasionally. It frightened me at first! But now that I know it’s just him, I think it’s the silliest thing. He’s apprehensive around new people but never mean. He’s moreover just curious and takes a minute to warm up to you.

@Andy.thegreyt on Instagram

You have two cats too. Were there any hesitations about getting a greyhound given their instinct, and how do they & Andy get along now? I was very nervous about getting a greyhound as I’ve read that they aren’t the greatest around small animals. I worked with a wonderful rescue that paired me with a greyhound that had an amazingly gentle disposition. He was living with a cat at his foster family. My recommendation would be to work closely with a homing centre. They will find a hound that will fit your lifestyle. It's not very often that greyhounds get adopted by younger couples like yourselves. Would you recommend it to anyone looking to get their first dog and why? I am so proud to be Andy’s fur-mom. He had brought so much joy to my life. He gives me a reason to wake up early every day and keeps me active, as he really looks forward to his morning and evening walkies. Not only is he making me physically healthier, but I have been much more of a happy person mentally since adopting Andy. He never ceases to make me smile or laugh. Make sure you go & follow Andy & Breanne over on Instagram to see all their adventures. @andy.thegreyt

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