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Rest in Peace, Jango

Jango arrived at the Seaside on 1st July 2021 and was a instant cuddle bum.

Jango on his first day here

He soon learnt our daily routine and soon became part of ‘The Gang‘. He loved having a girlfriend to play with the last one being his partner in crime Tess. He had two, hobbies eating and playing, and he knew exactly when it was feeding time and would stand in his kennel barking watching us prepare his meals and always had to be first to get his dinner.

He loved toys especially a football and was super excited to play with you.

I think his favourite thing was barking to be fair. He would bark to come out in a morning, bark for his food, bark when people came to visit as he wanted the fuss…. I think your getting the drift.

He was also a lifesaver for pet blood bank donating just before he took ill so helped lots of poorly doggies get bette. He was our superstar and we will all miss him dearly. Every time I look over at the kennels and don’t see him stood looking at me my heart hurts but we all have very fond memories of him we can treasure forever. Rest in peace big lad or as I called him ‘Hungry Jango‘ love you always xxx

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