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A Festive Foster - Sean

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Sean (Stonepark Sean) is now our longest stayer at Seaside Greyhounds. To help him get a home, we sent him for a 10-day foster period with one of our lovely volunteers, Julie, over Christmas.

Julie in the Christmas spirit before taking Sean home
Julie in the Christmas spirit before taking Sean home

A small incident on the first day, just marking his territory, did nothing to tarnish his time with Julie and we know he will have benefited from the experience.

Sean settled fast in the home, quickly finding his bed, and the sofa, and Julie's bed 🤣 enjoying the regular soft treat and some leftovers from the Christmas dinner.

This inquisitive boy went on plenty of adventures over the 10 days, with walks around the local village, down to the beach in Chapel St Leonards, and round the countryside footpaths. He was intrigued by the horses in the paddock, deer, and the odd fox. As per his nature, however, he was keen on the farm cats and the yappy Yorkshire Terrier nearby and thought he was in for an extra serving for dinner.

"My landlord's alsatian came and gave Sean a big kiss and he was gobsmacked. Sean didn't know what to make of it"

At first, it was evident that Sean was dealing with a bit of seperation anxiety, even when Julie just went out to the bins or to get the post. However, he settled towards the end as soon as he realised she was infact, coming back.

A cat-free home is a must for Sean, though he'd do best in a home where people will be around most of the time and don't mind getting their sofa's taken over by this lazy lad.

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