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1-Week Later: Jack & Jill

It's now been 1 week since we made the trek up to Edinburgh to take Jack & Jill to their new home.

These golden oldies (8-year-old brother & sister) were kennel favourites between volunteers & visitors alike. Having always been together, we are delighted that someone has adopted them both. here's what their new mom & dad had to say:

It's now been a week since Jack & Jill joined our family. After a long journey to us, we were worried they would be stressed so were so pleased when after about half an hour in the house, Jack made a bee-line for the sofa & Jill seemed to approve of one of the large beds.

Despite being somewhat strange, the noises they make as they snooze cause us great amusement. Jack especially has a deep groany noise he makes which we are hoping means he is content. Of course, both like to lie with their legs in the air.

Oddly, Jill sometimes sits which is very sweet. Although we are having accidents in the house & Jack is taking a small break from walking until he settles in (as he is very anxious outside when any other dog is near), they are a joy to have and we can't wait to see their personalities emerge as they continue to settle in.

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