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1 Week Later: Wallace

Wallace has been with us a week now and what an amazing week it has been! We decided it was time for us to have another greyhound after losing our ole boy two years ago. The only worry we had was finding a dog that would cope with a rude, naughty parrot who has no fear of dogs.

Lord of the Manor
Lord of the Manor

We had seen Seaside Greyhounds when driving to Skegness and decided to give Jenny a call. As you can imagine it is not everyday that someone asks if there is a dog that would be suitable to home with an African Grey.

Jenny arrived to do a home check and decided that Wallace may be suitable. It was decided that She would bring him over to see how he was. Having a greyhound before we were able to see immediately if Wallace could cope.

Wallace has been amazing, with no reaction whatever. The first day, Jenny was amazing staying in contact to make sure Wallace was happy. It's amazing how just one look into his eyes told us he was to be the new member of our family.

He has been so good with not one accident. He found his couch within an hour and loves his daily morning walk up the beach. He has so far not shown any reaction to other dogs only thinking, what on earth are they. He has certainly changed our lives for the better and this is with total thanks to Seaside Greyhounds.

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