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1 Week Later: Onyx

Having done plenty of research on the Greyhound breed we thought one would fit in perfectly with our family. We knew we wanted to rehome, and to rehome an ex-professional racer was something our girls were really excited about.

After a quick trip to Seaside Greyhounds, we were welcomed by Kev and Jenny who showed us around the kennels, answered every question we could possibly think of and that's when we met our boy Onyx. This cuddle hungry pooch had chosen us. Kev came through with Onyx for a home visit and the rest they say is history. He moved in on New Years Day, what a way to start the year! He settled in quickly, within hours he had found "His" spot on the sofa and had done a thorough investigation of the garden. His evening consisted of "roaching" and cuddles (it's definitely a dog's life). After a full week of walks around the village, zoomies in the garden, the meeting of other family members (socially distanced of course...), and more attention than you could shake a stick at, Onyx has become a member of our family. We can't wait to see his true personality develop over the next year, it has already been an improvement on 2020! Sam, Vicky, Lola, Effy & Onyx

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