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1 Week Later: Bruce

It's been a week now since Bruce (Salacres Bruce) went off to his forever home so we thought we'd post an update on how he's doing. We received this email and photos from Bruce's new mom, Sue. "Feeling very proud this morning.  We have had our first full night's sleep.  We have worked out if we put his bed in the hall at night it works.

If he cries we can call out so he knows we are there. We called out once within the first 10 mins. Then we woke before Bruce today. I think we have (fingers crossed) cracked it. I am so pleased as neighbours have also been woken up.. whoops!"

It's also great to hear that Bruce is an absolute angel on his walks. He doesn't pull and gets on wonderfully with other dogs. This goes to show that it just takes a little time & patience for a greyhound to settle into a brand new environment. We wish Sue & Bruce all the best for the future and we have no doubt he'll continue to be a fantastic addition to their family

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