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1 Week Later: Clarky

It's been a week now since Clarky (Salacres Clarky) went off to his forever home so we thought we'd post an update on how he's doing. This is what his new mom, Catherine, had to say.

Clarky has already helped our hearts heal a little more day by day, and more than fills the huge settee that had too much space after losing our Rossi bear suddenly recently. He's even taller and longer than Rossi, so can't fit in his old cage at meal times, the gigantic lad that he is.

Suzie, Charlotte, and Clarky

His first 12-18hrs included scaling the settee, leaping on us in jealousy for cuddles and slobbery kisses when the girls were being fussed, followed by roaching within 24hrs, tongue out derping too!

He thinks he's the boss towering over the girls when playing in the garden but soon shoots off when they put him back in his place with a bark or nip! He idolises them both though, and doesn't stop kissing them, or us, for that matter! He's such a softy, it's like he's always been here slobbering over us all.

"He's so very goofy, he can't control his body when playing or when out walking and bumps into everything and everyone, he's definitely not got any spatial awareness!"

His favourite toys are a squeaky hedgehog, crinkly & squeaky bee, and a squeaky ball. He's also partial to tennis balls and will bring them back for further throws, clever boy! He doesn't mind what time of day or night he plays with the noisy ones, sorry neighbours!

We can't imagine life without him now, after just a week. So glad he chose us and we accepted. Miss our big lad so, so much, so Clarky has big paws to fill, but he's winning us over in his own special way, the daft doofus!

His muzzle rub has almost healed too, so he's looking even more handsome, if that's possible!

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